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  • Asynch Web Services

    24 Apr, 2009 AJAX,ASP.NET Comments Off on Asynch Web Services

    So sometimes the hardest part of doing any development task is just getting a few configuration lines setup and then you can delve in and get the tasks accomplished. The.

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  • Response.Redirect is Losing Session Variables

    24 Apr, 2009 VB.NET Comments Off on Response.Redirect is Losing Session Variables

    ..or so I thought. I spent several hours today researching a problem where after submitting my edit.aspx page I would be forced to log in to my admin site again..

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  • Hosting Recommendation

    24 Apr, 2009 Hosting Comments Off on Hosting Recommendation

    Ok, so over the years we have discovered some really great and some really not so great hosts. So the question always comes up “Who should we use for hosting?”..

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  • Simple FileReader / FileWriter

    24 Apr, 2009 VB.NET Comments Off on Simple FileReader / FileWriter

    Have you ever needed to search through a large recordset in a FLAT file and write out only records that match a certain criteria to another file. We had that.

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  • Simple PHP Mailer

    24 Apr, 2009 PHP 1 Comment

    Sometimes the most simple problems are the ones that developers have the hardest time with and it seems like those are the most frustrating. So in an effort to save.

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