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24 Apr, 2009 Hosting

Ok, so over the years we have discovered some really great and some really not so great hosts. So the question always comes up “Who should we use for hosting?”. We have prepared a brief synopsis of the best and worst hosts in a couple different scenarios.


If you are looking for SHARED LINUX HOSTING you cannot beat Bluehost and the one you absolutely do not want to use is Avahost and trust us, this is from years of experience. Avahost overloads their servers with too many sites and your site and your e-mail will constantly be jammed up.


Mainly our hosting here at Override involves large scale projects on a minimum of a Dedicated Server but the few times we have used VPS we have had good service from TechIT at .


This is the bread and butter here at Override as we specialize in large projects that require massive server resources and complete control over the server. For a Dedicated or Co-location Package you cannot beat the service at TechIT, . We have several large clients sitting over there and are pushing more there everyday. For dedicated steer clear of 1and1. While they are great for Windows Shared Hosting they do not harden their servers and the response times are very slow. Also, they have some things that you have to call for that should be considered standard. For instance, they do not open port 80 on their firewall by default so you will have to call just to be able to view your site on the web.

We hope this helps someone out there, feel free to contact us with any questions!

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