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24 Apr, 2009 Portfolio,Web Folio

McCain Video Vote Fraud

OverridePro had the distinct privilege of assisting Senator McCain with Election Day Operations. We built from the ground up the Video Upload Tool that was utilized by estimated 1,000 field volunteers to capture and return video of Election Day mishaps to the Election Day Operations center in Virginia. This was done through a custom ASP.NET 3.5 / Sql Server 2008 application that allowed the field operatives to do multifile uploads up to 4Gb while logging pertinent data regarding the voting location and comments in the database. The application needed critical uptime and needed to support a massive amount of traffic as we uploaded and downloaded in excess of 1,300 videos in 12 hours averaging 500 Mb each. This led to the capture, review, and airing on Fox News and other major news networks of the Black Panther Video which ultimately led to Department of Justice prosecution. OverridePro extended the application to Social Media through YouTube where this single video was the 5th most popular video of the week with 1.3 million unique views.

OverridePro also assisted the campaign with Twitter integration. Using Twitter with the 1,000 mobilized volunteers as an open source of communication and finally integrating all of these technologies with .

This entire system was built and implemented in less than a month.

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