Vlytics Testimonial

24 Apr, 2009 Testimonials

Vlytics is an enterprise scale web platform that entails a comprehensive client-side interface with a complex datawarehouse running behind the scenes. To architect and develop the solution I was looking for an effective team with a variety of skills who would live, eat and breathe my idea. The OverridePro team was critical in helping me take concept from the drawing board to reality. Justin and the team consistently went the extra mile to ensure my vision was their vision. Without their skill, dedication, and effort I know Vlytics would not be where it is today.

Scott Tranter, Chief Executive Officer, Vlytics

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  • admin, April 24th, 2009 on 10:09 am

    Thanks Scott, we had a lot of fun doing it and look forward to working with Vlytics in 2009 and beyond!