OverridePro had the pleasure of supporting ISTE2010 for the International Society of Technology in Education. This annual conference which has been running for 31 consecutive years now was held in Denver at the Convention Center and hosted 20,000 participants.

Override had the privilege of upgrading their ISTEVision product to bring a higher set of functionality including Live streaming with live Questions and Answers and an advanced Session system that allowed all different type of sessions to utilize ISTEVision as a delivery network.

Override also created a Mac based Kiosk program written in Objective-C that allowed conference participants to record and share their story in a ISTE Storybooth.  You can check out an example of this by clicking here.. This Mac based system was slick and worked great for the conference. As you can see in the video people had fun with it and it was completely automated!

On the multimedia end OverridePro provided ISTE2010 with an Impact Piece which will blow your mind and we will be posting later so stay tuned.  We also provided onsite personnel for the duration of the conference to develop media for the keynote presentations and run them as well as an on-site programmer who handled all last minute requests.

We look forward to working with ISTE in the future on other projects and look forward to ISTE2011 in Philadelphia.

Checkout the Newly Posted ISTE2010 Impact Piece

OverridePro provided this Impact Piece that was used during all Keynote presentations at this city-wide conference in the Wells-Fargo Auditorium for 10,000+ viewers!

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  • justin, July 8th, 2010 on 7:25 pm

    Wow, the more I watch that Impact Piece the more I just LOVE it. What a great job Brian did on that!

  • kelly, July 3rd, 2010 on 7:11 am

    What an exciting event! It was fun and stressful on everyone but the final product that was pulled off was amazing. Can’t wait to work with ISTE on ISTE2011 in Philadelphia!