Kodak Imagination Show [VIDEO]

14 Aug, 2010 News,Press Releases

The Kodak Imagination Show is located at Disney’s EPCOT Center in Florida. This video was created by EXP (http://www.exp.tv) who was the lead contractor and creative force behind this attraction. OverridePro was responsible for producing the software that provides the interface between the Show Control System and the camera, live preview of the guest superimposed over the different backgrounds which include Spaceship Earth, an underwater scene with Nemo, and a scene with Figment.

The programming went on to include programmatic capture of these images on command and transformation as well as storing guest information and transporting the finalized photos to the Kodak Gallery for purchase through an API and notification of guests via email.

The project was a blast and you can stop by and check it out in the Kodak Pavillion of Disney’s EPCOT center on your next visit. The video here that was created by EXP gives you a good idea of how fun the attraction is.

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  • justin, August 14th, 2010 on 12:10 pm

    It is so awesome to see this video now. All the hard work came together to make something truly exceptional and fun. It is great to see the guests come in and enjoy something that we played such a big role in. If you are ever in EPCOT check it out and let us know your thoughts back here, we would love to hear from you.