eCommerce System – Admin System Demo

31 Aug, 2010 Digital Strategy

We have cloned an eCommerce Site that we are the developers of to preserve confidentiality for our client and their data and still be able to show you the admin system which is a BIG part of any dynamic platform.  We have created two screencasts that you can view to see how the platform functions.

Administrative System Demo:

The second demo will breeze through the backend functionality.

As I stated on our conference call the design here was done by a third party designer that the client hired so don’t put judgement there please. Here are the links to the videos. Let me know if you need more information. I can keep digging these up if you want but I thought this one would be pretty comprehensive.

Admin Side Features:

  • Add and Edit Products in a SIMPLE manner. The process tags the product in a category and collection if applicable. Products that are added or updated have the image resized automatically to 3 sizes, small thumbnail, larger thumbnail that is used on click and full size image for use on the detail page. This makes life easy for the client.
  • View and Review Products
  • View and Edit All Users of the site (if someone is abusing the site this allows admins to block them), you can also drill down to what they purchased and when!
  • View, Edit and Add Admin Users
  • View Purchases (filter/search by 5 different Criteria)
  • View Sales Tax Summaries (this is helpful for the client/site owner if they need to collect tax and report that to the IRS)
  • View, Add, Edit Coupon / Specials
  • View, Edit, Send Newsletters
  • In this instance the client wanted the eNewsletter system integrated with their site so they don’t have to pay or fiddle with a third party system. The client can instantly to all site users.
  • This client wanted to be able to list out Corporate Partners so there is an interface for that where they can:
    • Add, Edit, Delete Partner Categories
    • Add, Edit, Delete Partners Underneath those partner categories including their logos

View Video {you can watch in full-screen}


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