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31 Aug, 2010 Digital Strategy

Hello O Group!  We have cloned an eCommerce Site that we are the developers of to preserve confidentiality for our client and their data and still be able to show you the admin system which is a BIG part of any dynamic platform.  We have created two screencasts that you can view to see how the platform functions.

Front End System (User Demo):

The first demos the front end system functionality from registration, login, browsing by various methods, add to Lighbox/Wishlist, Add to Shopping Bag, Review Shopping Bag, all the way up to checkout (which I won’t do the final checkout because it will do a real charge).  I will also show viewing of the purchase history.

User Side:

  • Obviously the basic site, Home, About, Contact, etc
  • User (Shopper) Registration
  • Once a user is registered not only can they shop but they can create “Lightboxes” (basically Wishlists so they can come back and purchase them later)
  • Users can view their Purchase History
  • Browse Products By Category
  • Browse Products By Collection
  • Search for Products by Name, Description, etc etc
  • Featured Products (called “Core Collection” here)
  • Online Store which gives a grid view with photos with a lightbox zoom (basically click the photo to view a larger version of the photo before clicking through to the detail page to save so much back and forth clicking)
  • Detail Page where you can see the details of the product, Add it to a Lightbox/Wishlist, or add it to your shopping bag
  • Ability to pull up your Wishlist/Lightbox later and seamlessly move the products in the wishlist from the wishlist to the shopping cart
  • View Your Shopping Cart
  • Secure Checkout
  • Dynamic Specials / Coupon Codes (the web-site administrators can create coupon codes for use at special promotional events, set expiration dates etc)
  • Users can review their purchase history at any time in the future

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  • justin, August 31st, 2010 on 3:58 pm

    Hope you guys enjoy this. To checkout the site yourself go to . Also, make sure you watch the second video which is the admin system.