Our Services

  • Custom Software

    Whether a startup or Fortune 50 company we have had the pleasure of working with all different sizes and levels of projects and have brought vision to reality on each project we have had the pleasure of working with. Contact us to see how we can help you get started with your project.

  • Web Solutions

    Do you need more than just a brochure placed on the web? That is where OverridePro exceeds other vendors. We evaluate your business processes, customer base, goals, objectives, and overall business to add value to your web SOLUTION and provide you the highest level of Return on Investment possible!

  • Mobile / iPhone Strategy

    If your current Digital Strategy does not include the mobile platform then it is time to consider it. The mobile web grew 100 percent in the U.S. last year and 148 percent worldwide and Apple dominated the market with their iPhone and iPod Touch, see http://techcrunch.com/2010/01/05/quantcast-mobile-web-apple-android/. We have assisted large corporations and political campaigns in achieving a mobile presence. Contact us to learn more how we can assist you in your move into mobile strategy.

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  • Web Site Design

    As part of your digital strategy and web solution development you need a look and feel to your web application that captures your business and the message that you would like to communicate with your clientele. Great web-site design takes into account User Experience particularly when it carries over into Web Solutions or Web Software. Let us take your design from good to great!

  • Social Media Strategy

    Social Media is a word that everyone uses but no one really understands. You have been told you need a Social Media Strategy and you know that Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, et cetera are out there but after that you just get lost. Do you need a social media strategy? What should your goals and objectives be with one? How would you even know if you did a good job with one? Give us a call and we will provide you with an action plan that can either enter you into or enhance your presence in this powerful platform rapidly.

  • Theme Park Attractions

    With our Corporate Headquarters located in Central Florida we have had the chance to work with Disney producing theme park attractions and we understand the broad reaching skillset and mindset that it takes to architect and build your vision for a theme park. We specialize in the next generation of attractions which involves more than just video rolls and lighting cues but rather brings in audience interactivity to make a lasting brand experience.

  • Event Software

    Working with our strategic partner techIT we have had the opportunity to write software on demand and to specification to meet specific needs of the event which is being run such as CES, TSIC, or HPIIE for clients such as Palm, Texas School Improvement Council, and HP, respectively. Do you have an event that you need to have specific interactive elements with your audience or extend your audience out live to the internet? We would be happy to talk over specifications with you and show you case studies how we can make your event an overwhelming success.

  • Hosting

    In order to provide a full service experience for our clientele we provide hosting services for our customers including Shared Linux Hosting, Shared Windows Hosting, Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers, Server Clusters, Off-Site backup and maintenance and support.