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  • McCain EDO Testimonial

    24 Apr, 2009 Testimonials Comments Off on McCain EDO Testimonial

    If you are running a campaign or running for office you need Justin Tabb and OverridePro on your team. About four weeks before election day I determined that I needed.

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  • Presidential Election Day Support

    24 Apr, 2009 News 1 Comment

    OverridePro provides Election Day support for the John McCain campaign. It was a true honor! Our software captured the Black Panther Video which was the number 3 video on YouTube.

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  • McCain Media Center

    24 Apr, 2009 Portfolio,Web Folio Comments Off on McCain Media Center

    Client: John McCain for PresidentThe McCain Campaign required a system that would allow them to monitor vote fraud instances nationwide. OverridePro developed software that was used by 1,000 employees.

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  • Vlytics

    24 Apr, 2009 Portfolio,Web Folio Comments Off on Vlytics

    Client: Vlytics, LLCVlytics is a complex data warehousing and analysis program that assists political candidates in running a successful.

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  • All Of The Above Energy

    24 Apr, 2009 Portfolio,Web Folio Comments Off on All Of The Above Energy

    Client: Congressman Ken CalvertTo support the All of the Above Energy Bill Congressman Ken Calvert required a microsite with audio recordings that would gather data of constituents wishing to.

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